Monday, Nov 28, 2022

“Save Money. Buy Today”


The countdown to Christmas has begun! During the next four, short weeks, we will be bombarded by clothing advertisers, car commercials, and food vendors. They’re gonna’ work their hardest to try and convince me that I need a new set of knives or that my loved ones need a subscription to the “Jelly of the Month Club.” Advertisers will use creative openings, appetizing vocabulary, emotional scenes, and pretty people to inform us of what we don’t already own. Cyber Monday is expected to generate $11.2 Billion. How much will you contribute?

It’s peculiar that I’ll’ pay so much attention to the things I don’t have. I mean, really: Do I need another shirt, even if it’s on sale? The last time I checked, I have a closet full and most of my loved ones do, too. Yet, like I do every year, I’m gonna fall for that advertiser trap.

Today is Cyber Monday, which is supposed to be the day that I need to buy my new computer, home management device, earbuds, and flat-screen TVs. I really don’t need any of that stuff, but gosh, I can really save some money by purchasing it today. Wait, that doesn’t make sense…save money by spending money? How can I give relief to my pocketbook if I’m spending money on something I don’t need? Oh, that’s right! The advertisers have told me that I need a new laptop, even though my current laptop is working fine.

Rats! Those dang commercials! They make it so difficult for me to stay within my budget. Buying something that I truly need is one thing but buying something that I don’t need just ain’t very responsible. As a grown-up adult, I’m supposed to know better, yet I’m easy prey for those pretty people on my screen who are happy because they own the latest gadget.

Not this year. I’m not falling for it again. I’m gonna be smart, responsible, and prudent with my spending. I want to enjoy the Holidays for their true purpose and direct my attention to the gifts God provides – the people around me, the food on my table, and the roof over my head. Granted, I may eventually need to buy another set of headphones, but not today.

Okay, enough preaching to the choir. I’m running behind. Only 10,000 of the new phones remain, and though my current phone works perfectly and could have powered the Space Shuttle, a new phone will help me feel more successful.

“Jesus then told them, ‘Watch out and be on guard against all greed, because one’s life is not in the abundance of his possessions.’” (Luke 12:15, CSB)